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Combining hematite and turquoise in a bracelet offers a unique synergy that can enhance and balance their individual benefits. These two stones complement each other perfectly to create a piece of jewelry that is both aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic.

Benefit of the bracelet: Provides stability and grounding, balances emotions. Reinforces self-confidence, improves communication, helps to express thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently. Offers openness to «the other», empathy, harmony with self and others,
Offers double protection against negative energies,

Purification and Recharging: Fumigate with sage or palo santo, or on a bed of coarse salt. Avoid placing the bracelet in water, as hematite can rust due to its high iron content.

Associated chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart

Turquoise washers and
5mm Hematite washers.
Stainless steel logo and element


Reference: 14SJECUTURQ1

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