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Combining hematite, eagle eye and onyx in a bracelet offers a unique synergy that can enhance and balance their individual benefits. These three stones complement each other perfectly to create a jewel that is both aesthetic and therapeutic.

Benefits of the bracelet: Provides stability and deep, stable grounding, balances emotions and reduces emotional fluctuations. Strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem. Improves mental clarity and concentration. Soothes worries, helps to follow one’s own advice. Helps overcome confusion, stress and anxiety, bringing calm and serenity. Offers courage, perseverance and determination. Enhances intuition and clairvoyance, helping to see beyond appearances. Promotes connection with the higher self and spiritual awakening.

Purification and recharging: Fumigate with sage or palo santo, or on a bed of coarse salt. Avoid placing the bracelet in water, as hematite can rust due to its high iron content.

Associated chakras: Root, Sacral, 3rd eye

Matt eagle eye and
Onyx matte 8mm,
hematite washers,
skull and crossbones and stainless steel logo


Reference: 14SJECUGRIS3

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