Discover Jerem men's ready to wear collection and accessories. Jerem Paris offers a wide range of clothes for men of all ages. The collection exists out of suits, blazers, slacks, casual jeans, business shirts... Quality fabrics, modern or comfort cuts, and low prices throughout the year, will allow you to be at the forefront of the trend for each season. Jerem and there stylists work together to offer you fashion products in high quality and durable materials. This is our brand signature



In 2011, the company Too Fashion launched his e-shop Jerem Paris that offers two brands for men ready to wear, the high-quality position.

Jerem Paris is divided in four lines:

JEREM BLACK - Comfort fit: The classique & confort lines
JEREM BLACK - Modern fit: The fashion line
JEREM UPPERCASUAL: The sport & casual line
TOO FASHION: The youthful spirit and trendy brand

JEREM takes the challenge of dressing men of different styles. Jerem offers a wide range of clothing and accessories to suit all situations. JEREM creates elegant accessible fashion.





Jerem Paris dressed man since 1996, the year of the opening of the first store Jerem Paris in Switzerland. Since 1996, the brands Jerem Paris and Too Fashion have developed various presence in different shopping centers across Europe. Today, the online store Jerem Paris complete a network of more than 30 stores across Europe (France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, Poland).



To stand out in the very concurentiel world of men ready to wear high-fashion, Jerem Paris is focused primarily on exceptional excellent manufacturing where the product represent the value of money. With a knowledge passed from father to son, but careful selection of fine fabrics (wool, cashmere, cotton, silk...), careful workmanship and perfect finish, Jerem Paris is represented in all Europe.